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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    Måneskin performs the song The Loneliest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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L +1

I can hear that Damiano was sick during this performance, but they still KILLED it!! They have worked their asses off, this is so well deserved ❤️‍🔥

День назад
Luna Sibillo +1
Luna Sibillo

They're tired and we can get this clearly, yet this performance is just.. deep. So intimate, painful and true. They truly deserve the world !

День назад
dancedance80 +1

Something about his voice draws you in… It’s raspy, yet smooth, intriguing, attractive, and addictive at the same time.

День назад
July River +901
July River

Just my opinion: Damiano was so focused because of the cold he had, trying not to mess up with the vocals, that he actually performed better then ever. This is my favourite performance of "The Loneliest" so far. Well in tune, little mistakes that only made it even more intense, heartfelt interpretation. Well done!! ps: 🇮🇹 Congratulazioni per la nomination ai Grammy!

День назад
Dany Elena +883
Dany Elena

Even with a bit of a cold or strained voice, Damiano killed it.

День назад
Abew Studio +757
Abew Studio

Damiano's voice is such a breath of fresh air in the music industry within these past 10 years ❤

День назад
Annabelle Toe +617
Annabelle Toe

Damiano’s voice is like liquid gold

День назад
Redbit Redbitt +695
Redbit Redbitt

🇮🇹 Absolutely popular opinion they should never stop singing in ITALIAN ( but also in English)🌏🎤🎸

День назад
KathyDNJ +489

My favorite new band....amazing talents each of them. At 70 yrs of age, I still recognize and admire talent when I hear/see it...and this band is going to go far because they are super talented! Damiano's voice is unique, I love hearing him sing in every language!

День назад
alan B +325
alan B

Saw these guys in Los Angeles recently. They are true rock gods!!! They poured everything into their show. Haven’t felt that energy from a crowd in a long time!!

День назад
Dance Coach +218
Dance Coach

even though you hear that he's sick, his voice still sounds great, and the scratchiness makes it in some parts even cooler 🙂

День назад
sachi kim +258
sachi kim

Honestly his strained voice even adds more emotion like he just finished crying and he has to sing next. I always feel the right feeling to this song in whichever performances they did. Love you guys:')

День назад
aleyna +313

This song reminds me of my mom. It's been 2 years since you passed away, but "you're still the oxygen I breathe". The first night without you I was telling to myself "tonight is gonna be the loneliest". And every time I closed my eyes, I saw you. Damiano's voice and the lyrics are so strong and deep, I just feel it in my bones when I listen.

День назад
TheLastNeuron +277

They are on tour now. There are four gigs in a week. Almost every day, so Dami is a bit tired. The way they perform this song live is just another level. Crazy good intro and solo by Thomas every single time!

День назад
Lauren +54

I think Damiano being a bit under the weather really works for this song, helps the rawness of the lyrics etc hit home even more. Great performance

21 час назад
Maria Rita Bianchi +154
Maria Rita Bianchi

Mi dispiace solo, che essendo un passaggio televisivo, il pubblico non possa godere appieno dell'intro e dell'assolo di Thomas, Damiano, da vero professionista, calcolando il raffreddore, ha fatto l'esibizione senza servirsi del playback! 👍

День назад
Fakih Afzal +13
Fakih Afzal

His voice touches every part of my body

16 часов назад
CorinneGames +14

This song will never not make me sob. It's a masterpiece. The power and emotion in Damiano's voice gets me every time.

14 часов назад
Li Lise +111
Li Lise

How brave of Damiano to sing live in spite of the cold & sore throat! 👏👏👏 The look is just right, respectful of the sensibilities of a wide tv audience.

День назад
R S +8

That was insane- I feel so proud to be their fan

16 часов назад


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