P!nk Sings a Song We Wrote That She’s NEVER Seen Before

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    P!nk is an exceptionally talented person so we put that talent to the test by writing a song and putting the lyrics (which she has never seen before) on cue cards and having her sing it on the fly in “Wing It & Sing It!”
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Brandon Mees +792
Brandon Mees

The amount of talent that this woman possesses is otherworldly

День назад
SammyT +565

Pink is not only supremely talented, she's supremely cool; a lovely lady all-around.

День назад
Jennifer Ellsworth +408
Jennifer Ellsworth

Do you ever get the feeling Pink has only shown us the surface of what she is really capable of? Love ya, Pink!

День назад
lenadahling +167

Holy moly. Never realized how amazing she was until Jimmy made her sing a bunch of BS. Stunning. 🙌🏻

День назад
unclegaz +324

I'm 70 years old and I reckon PINK wrote the greatest protest song of all time. "Dear Mr President"

День назад
Esotericist +84

Pink is pure talent. No effects, no overdubbing, and especially no autotune.

День назад
Carey Hiphopper +182
Carey Hiphopper

Her outfit, vocal, personality, everything is fire 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

День назад
T. K. Micchu Funkytown +82
T. K. Micchu Funkytown

The charisma and talent this woman possess is OUT OF THIS WORLD

День назад
marcusdspeaks +77

I’m so sorry to say but I forgot how amazing Pinks voice was. She is a trues singer that can sing anything. You can tell she really takes care of her voice after all these years

День назад
Samantha Solida +53
Samantha Solida

🤣🤣🤣 How was she able to sing this without completely cracking up?!? What a voice and a sense of humor!

День назад
coco bloco +55
coco bloco

Love her .Great voice goes without saying. But she's so spontaneous and down to earth. She doesn't get the attention her contemporaries get I think but that just shows how classy she really is.....

День назад
BLB C +10

P!nk make a gospel or r&b album!! You got that soul!

День назад
dark_neverland +31

The impression I get is that very few singing performers would be willing to do a skit like this and the fact that Pink is totally up for it just make sure that much more awesome

День назад
Email +23

She's such a natural with her voice. She could do an album just her voice alone with no instruments and it'd be awesome ! 💓

День назад
Luis Humberto Vega +22
Luis Humberto Vega

If that doesn't convince you that this amazingly talented lady can sing anything, nothing will, she's 1-derful !!!

День назад
Xin Li +32
Xin Li

Everytime I see her, I fall in love with her all over again.

День назад
DOH! +31

Love her or hate her, but she is one the best singers in the world period.

День назад
Anthony M +3
Anthony M

She’s so talented! People sleep on her so much. She’s one of the top tier vocalists right now

16 часов назад
Francesca A +6
Francesca A

That woman is stuffed with talent.

21 час назад
Avionne Celestin +3
Avionne Celestin

pink can make anything a hit!!! her voice is absolutely out of this world!!! and her sense of humor is so wonderful 🖤🖤🖤

16 часов назад


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