Kristen Bell on Telling Her Kids She Did Mushrooms, Her Thanksgiving Cheat & Jimmy’s Mixtape for Dax

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    Kristen talks about her husband Dax being a great dad, the two of them being very honest with her kids, her Thanksgiving secret, setting the garbage can on fire, having a huge family, her Uncle Bobby being a pit boss in Vegas, her new movie The People We Hate at the Wedding on Amazon Prime, being Ben Platt’s #1 fan, Dax getting the Waylon Jennings logo on the back of their RV, their trip to Idaho with the Kimmels, making everyone jump in the very cold Snake River, and Jimmy making a mixtape for Dax.
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Replay Records +427
Replay Records

I used to be a fan of Kristen, now I’m a whole air conditioning system 🤩

12 часов назад
Sebastián Sierra Jaramillo +195
Sebastián Sierra Jaramillo

Kristen Bell is streets ahead! I like her sense of humor and her love for sloths🦥

12 часов назад
Shot By Solo +122
Shot By Solo

Every time she’s on with Jimmy it’s guaranteed to be nothing but laughs! And I always appreciate the inside jokes they’re having together too 🤣

12 часов назад
Pale Blue Geek +65
Pale Blue Geek

It's awesome watching Jimmy hang out with his friends.

12 часов назад
SinisterAF +117

Ordering out gives u time with the fam;

12 часов назад
Andy Ferguson +33
Andy Ferguson

Every interview I see her do I find more and more we have in common. I respect that woman so much.

12 часов назад
Beth Edmonds +44
Beth Edmonds

Everyone in the world needs a Dax and Kristen in their lives❣️❣️❣️

12 часов назад
Geoffrey Tudor +13
Geoffrey Tudor

I do love Kristen; she's so genuinely funny and creative while remaining grounded. I remember her going on a European tour with Craig Ferguson...she was a hilariously funny foil to Craig's humor.

7 часов назад
Danny Stoddard +19
Danny Stoddard

Such a good interview! Funny stories and great chemistry 🎉

12 часов назад
Trish M. +10
Trish M.

I have loved Kristen Bell since she played the title, character, 'Veronica Mars' ! She was spunky and so much fun! The show was amazing and so well- thought out. She was a junior detective to her father being the main detective at his Mars Agency in a fictional town, Neptune. Even though she was still in high school there was always some mystery going on. Check it out if you can and the movies that came after it was canceled.

12 часов назад
please don't eat the animals +29
please don't eat the animals

Glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets about the broiler--a week ago I set a vegan lemon meringue pie on fire and it looked like a toasted marshmallow. 😂

12 часов назад
Kel Byers +11
Kel Byers

I love how many guests Jimmy has on that are actual friends of his.

9 часов назад
mompreneur life +2
mompreneur life

LOVE her! Most beautiful and humblest person in Hollywood. Thank you for posting this interview.

4 часа назад

That story is exactly why I DO NOT use the broil option on ovens 😅

Час назад
withershin +72

Comedy chops. Kristen is forking awesome.

12 часов назад
LongliveDemocracy +19

She is a bright Ray of sunshine!

12 часов назад
Julie Rogers +9
Julie Rogers

Kristen, always a good laugh.

12 часов назад
New Message +85
New Message

There is such a thing as 'the perfect woman'... and there she sits.

12 часов назад
Helen Patterson +3
Helen Patterson

So funny about the mushrooms. My daughter microdosed mushrooms for depression ( self-administered) or over a year but didn't tell my 18 yr old grandson.

9 часов назад
Abast Shinobi1 +10
Abast Shinobi1

I love her interviews she always says the best stuff honestly, her and Mila Kunis; moms of the year! 😻

12 часов назад


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