Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph on Obsession with Disney, Filming Disenchanted & Learning Irish Slang

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    Amy & Maya talk about how they met, Maya having a “witchy sense” when others are pregnant, their shared love of Disneyland, their favorite rides, their new Disney+ movie Disenchanted, filming in Ireland, meeting the people there, and learning Irish slang.
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ledernierutopiste +306

I feel like Maya humour is underrated, she always make me crack up. She was absolutely brilliant in "The good place".

День назад
Jwanie +345

I still remember watching Enchanted when it first came out. I feel old now knowing that it's been 15 years since then. Amy still has that charm of Giselle; It's almost like it never left her

День назад
Who The Hell Are You!?!?!? +190
Who The Hell Are You!?!?!?

15 years since the first movie came out, I'm surprised that Amy still have the charm of Giselle. It's like she never lost it, like she just played Giselle for Enchanted yesterday when it's actually 15 years ago

День назад
Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño +62
Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño

I think that this is going to be one of the best sequels ever produced by Disney. Everything looks on point, the effects, the score, the acting, the nostalgy. the humor, the references to other fairy tales, everything. I cannot wait.

День назад
Bekahoot +42

These two absolutely killed it in their duet! My new favorite Disney villain song!

19 часов назад
E Roche +55
E Roche

There was a great buzz here in Ireland about the making of this movie. It really marked the beginning of the end of the Covid restrictions and Enchanted fans got to go and visit the locations and say hi to their favourite cast members and all that good stuff. And especially for the crews and production support companies that had been shut down for 18 months, they got this great gig from Disney and really got those guys back on their feet. Hope the movie does great💚

День назад
GGS +36

I love Maya Rudolph!! She is a great comedian actress 💖and Amy Adams seems like such a sweetheart

День назад
MadgeMackles +29

I could always count on these two actors to make whatever I’m watching with them…magical.

День назад
Dani +46

As a person born and living in the Caribbean, Jimmy’s pronunciation of the word “Cuh-RIB-be-an” @

День назад
TheAdventuresOfAPlainJane +18

15 years…how time flies. Just watched Disenchanted and all the actors look fantastic. The movie made me feel like a kid again.

День назад
Alex Casper +29
Alex Casper

Love these ladies! Both great actresses. They seem like they are really nice with cute and fun personalities.❤️ I think it's great they are actually good friends. Crazy that it's been 15 years since enchanted! But can't wait to see disenchanted! It looks so good!

День назад
Aoife C +11
Aoife C

As someone who went to school just up the road from where they filmed, it was really exciting to see Disney come to Ireland although it is such a small town and the roads were closed so it caused a lot of difficulty getting to school each morning. Though In the end it was worth it 😊

14 часов назад
Francis W +3
Francis W

I know Amy Adams has become a critically acclaimed Oscar nominated actress but she will always carry that charm and grace of Giselle 😍

9 часов назад
Cerenity +33

Amy just slipped into her Giselle's voice effortlessly she's amazing

День назад
Jennifer Lee +10
Jennifer Lee

I still love Enchanted every bit as much as the first time I saw it. Actually, I think I've come to love it even more upon repeat viewings. I can't wait to see Disenchanted!

День назад
Manuela Cassuto +41
Manuela Cassuto

They seem so nice I genuinely want to be friends with them

День назад
Dani Romero +6
Dani Romero

Amy has to be one of the sweetest human beings like she’s so cute🥹🥹♥️

14 часов назад
Henry Holden +1
Henry Holden

They clearly had a lot of fun doing the film because that shines through. It's truly adorable.

14 часов назад
Noelle Nn +33
Noelle Nn

I just rewatched Enchanted recently in preparation for Disenchanted and it still so totally holds up. I really can’t wait!

День назад
Joel Roher +13
Joel Roher

Amy Adams' acting skills amaze me. I still recall the role she played as a Catholic nun with Meryl Streep as the chilling Mother Superior.

День назад


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