Jenna Ortega on Playing Wednesday Addams, Going to Disney Prom & Being Against All Dipping Sauces

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    Jenna talks about doing McDonalds commercials as a kid, not being into dipping food, Disney having a prom for their young stars, playing Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix show “Wednesday,” and working with Tim Burton and Christina Ricci.
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Who The Hell Are You!?!?!? +11
Who The Hell Are You!?!?!?

Y'all better keep an eye on her for the next 10 to 20 years. She's gonna rule Hollywood someday especially in the horror genre. One of the most promising young actress working today

День назад
Caroline !¡ +10
Caroline !¡

he doesn’t understand her humor and it’s so uncomfortable. She’s actually so funny

21 час назад
Hermunkulus +2

She did a good job for her first ever talk show. You can tell she's nervous which clearly indicates she's being herself which is great.

14 часов назад
Tory Spelling +3
Tory Spelling

I love Jenna's sense of humour, all her jokes are subtle but really funny, like when she says "I don't really dip things, I fully submerge" you can tell she's being funny just a little. And she delivers all her jokes with what appears to be full truthfulness xD

14 часов назад
Mistah47 +3

It’s rare that a young actor/actress breaks out onto the scene and the majority of ppl like you immediately. Only those with talent, charisma, charm, and work ethic last in the spotlight. Jenna Ortega is one of those future stars with a career that will last because she only gets better with each project. From You, to Scream, X, and now Addams Family, this kid is going places. 💯

День назад
Miss Larissa Fay +1
Miss Larissa Fay

From this interview I can tell why Jenna was chosen to be Wednesday Addams.

День назад
Jill Clarke +3
Jill Clarke

She's adorable and her Mom is amazing. Well done Mom

День назад
Michelle DiPalo +1
Michelle DiPalo

I know that she plays Wednesday, but she is ROCKING this Morticia look.

День назад
Ella Ayekoue +2
Ella Ayekoue

She's so cute and well spoken

День назад
Blazeplayz2 +101

She's super mature and composes herself so well for a 20 year old movie star. I doubt she'd call herself a star, but she's a rising one at the very least.

2 часа назад
Aanya Mallick 🇯🇲 +821
Aanya Mallick 🇯🇲

I grew up with her on Disney, we're both the same age and it's just amazing to see how she's grown as an actress, and how her opportunities are getting bigger. Looking forward to seeing her act along side big names

День назад
lovesmusic916 +698

Jenna's so young in her career and she's already navigated it so well. Plus she's staying grounded through it. Respectful, humble, witty, down to earth.

День назад
LaurLaur +40

She did such a good job playing Wednesday! I’m sure this will open a lot of doors for her as she deserves it!!

2 часа назад
NineOneOneFx +603

There’s some Aubrey Plaza awkwardness going on with Jenna, and I LOVE IT!!!

День назад
mememeome +208

From when I saw her on “You” my husband and I felt like she was gonna be huge. It’s been a while since there’s been a truly great actress especially from this newer generation. Most are from older generations. I think there’s a lot more untapped potential in her and truly eager to see how her career plays out. I love seeing her on my screen and love that latina representation that does not put us in a stereotype

4 часа назад
wonderwu +615

Yo, that's mind blowing! Shout out to her mom. Full-time ER nurse that is willing to make 6-7 hour round trip drives to take one of her six children to audition for stuff. That is support!

19 часов назад
Movies798 +223

She's a great actress. I'm very proud of Jenna after she left Disney Channel. She still keep herself working.

День назад
Jonathan Towlen +295
Jonathan Towlen

Hollywood needs more Jenna's. Here's hoping she isn't poorly influenced by producers or agents to be something she isn't. She's a pint-sized dynamo. Energetic but at the same time well grounded. She is one child star who seemed to benefit from that experience as far as timing and acting ability. She should be still starring in things long after I'm gone from this earth.

День назад
NinjaGamer13 +655

She is hilarious and so gorgeous it’s actually painful to me. I’m in flipping love. Can’t wait for her perfect portrayal of Wednesday Addams.

День назад
Coreyn Marie +384
Coreyn Marie

I’ve been following Jenna since her Disney days and I’m beyond proud of her, she’s truly a star, I’m counting down the days for Wednesday!💜

День назад


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