P!nk on Touring with Babies, Performing on the Side of a Building & Olivia Newton-John Tribute

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    Jimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel Live
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    P!nk talks about living on a vineyard and making wine, having horses and chickens, her dog Habanero getting bitten by a coyote, her upcoming summer stadium tour, having her daughter Willow on the road when she was a baby, mastering a baby sleep schedule on tour and sharing it with her pop star friends, her crazy performance hanging off the side of a building, and doing a tribute to Olivia Newton-John at the American Music Awards.
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Blue Kinopio +135
Blue Kinopio

Pink was the “weird” one in the 90s but came out being the absolute best winner in life

21 час назад
The Hell on Heels +231
The Hell on Heels

I love her as a performer but I think I love her more as a person. She’s real and genuine with a great sense of humor.

День назад
Paul Tyson +456
Paul Tyson

What a great personality Pink possesses and what an amazing singing voice she has. She truly is a superstar.

День назад
Tina Kwan +303
Tina Kwan

I have loved Pink for years. I’m a middle age woman who is in awe of how Pink grew from a talented young punk to an extraordinary mother of two. She does it all! Simply amazing! ❤

День назад
Buckie Smalls +245
Buckie Smalls

One of the all time best live performers..

День назад
Sandy Green +84
Sandy Green

I am 70 and have loved Pink since her first single! This interview is perfectly delightful and does not disappoint.❤️

21 час назад
Vlad Dracul +48
Vlad Dracul

The woman who gave us one of the best live performances of all time, "Glitter In The Air" in 2010! Pink is an immortal.

День назад
Pop Sugar Sprinkles +133
Pop Sugar Sprinkles

She is really down to earth, no matter how high she performs. :) Lovely lady, wonderful mom and devoted wife, and what an amazing talent.

День назад
Josh H +96
Josh H

P!nk is an brilliant performer, and she looks amazing in that dress! ✨️😃

День назад
Jul Angel +25
Jul Angel

She’s incredible. No performer like her in the whole world

День назад
AvrilLUKFan +53

Pink is truly one of the greats! Top 10 female performers of all time, hands down

День назад
WP SN +16

Pink has very quietly had an extremely long extremely successful career. She's been musically at the top of her game for over 20 years.

День назад
sean mccann +46
sean mccann

I saw P!nk perform in Ottawa Canada a few years back and in the pouring rain. She did not let the rain stop her fantastic performance. A great voice, amazing on a trapeze.

День назад
mountainoceankath +22

I smiled through this entire interview! Honestly, while I had heard of Pink, I knew nothing of her (hey, blame it on my age! 😂😂). Of course I had to look her up. My goodness...She is amazing! What a truly great, honest, inspiring person! Her voice is strong and compelling. Count me as a fan!

День назад
Christopher Crockett +26
Christopher Crockett

I don't really listen to Pink as her music is part of a genre I don't usually choose, but I love her in interviews because of her intelligence, her humanity and her ability to accept praise without acting like a pompous twit. I loved tonight's interview as she spoke of her family and how she has remained a good mom while plying her craft. I think she's the real deal.

День назад
Junior S +23
Junior S

The love and adoration for Olivia Newton-John. Still hard to believe she's gone

День назад
whyamiheredlb +10

Of course P!nk wrote a touring mom manual… because she is just that amazing of an woman, human and artist! F$&k I love this woman! She is the ONLY artist I have spend ridiculous amounts of money (for me) to watch her live. ❤️❤️❤️🌻🦋

21 час назад
IW Nunn +36
IW Nunn

She just makes me involuntarily smile

День назад
maureens100 +9

She is the best in every way...love her...on my bucket list...to see her perform some day!!!!!!

16 часов назад
Ruslana Nishchyk +67
Ruslana Nishchyk

Such an amazing performer and woman! 💖🥰🤩

День назад




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